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British Orienteering Membership

Deadline Extension

British Orienteering have informed Devon OC that they have extended the deadline for renewals from 31st March to 30th April 2022. Further information below. 

From British Orienteering: 

"After this time, any lapsed members will become expired and they will need to contact the National Office directly to renew their membership. Likewise for clubs, these members details will no longer appear on the website when you log in.

Over the next days, lapsed members will be receiving a direct communication from British Orienteering via an email or a letter (if they don’t have an email address registered with us) reminding them about this. 

So far for 2022, membership renewals have been extremely positive, and we thank you for all your efforts and support in making this happen. It is great to see so many members renewing their membership for the 2022 year and to also see the excellent number of orienteering events taking place across the UK."


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