Devon Orienteering


Sidmouth -The Byes South

Permanent Orienteering Course

Info updated: 19th Jul

This Permanent Orienteering Course was planned and  established with the support of Sidmouth Town Council in June 2012.

A map, together with control descriptions, may be downloaded from the British Orienteering website at:

July 2020 Report: A member of Devon Orienteering Club checked the course and found that:

  • Control 44: the bench has moved about 50 metres south of its mapped position.
  • Control 51: the control has either gone or is totally may need a winter check.
  • Controls 47 and 45: a bit overgrown, but visible when looking in the right place.

Safety Considerations for Individuals and Groups:


Nearest town: Sidmouth

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Safety and Risk

Participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety whilst using the course.