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Club contacts

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Development Officer


Job description

Development Officer's Role: 

- Encourage any activity to further the success of the club.

- Ensure the club Development Plan is routinely monitored and updated as required by the committee and in the light of wider engagement with club members. 

SI Team Leader's Role:

- Establish a group of club members with the expertise to run the computer system at events”

- Store the SI equipment, and deal with necessary battery changes and any losses or failures

- Help secure event safety through the SI computer record in order that that all competitors are “counted out” via the Check control at the Start and “counted back in again” at Download.

- Provide SI data to the event organiser, controller and competitors, checking that all controls have been visited in the prescribed order and producing the Results List for each course.

(SI stands for SportIdent, the name of the hardware electronic punching system we employ. AutoDownoad is the name of the software computer program (app) used.)