Devon Orienteering


Membership 2021

All ages, all abilities, all welcome!

If you have not yet joined -or re-joined - for 2021: 

Details about the different types of membership and how to join:

Senior - Adults aged 21 or over
Junior - Below the age of 21
Contact - Members of other British Orienteering affiliated clubs

How to Renew Membership (Existing Members)

To renew your membership of Devon Orienteering Club instructions can be found at:

British Orienteering (Renew Membership)

How to Join (New Members) 

See the details at the foot of this page

Students! Please Note: 

If you are a member of a university or similar club such as OROX which is closed to outsiders, (a "closed club"), you are also entitled to join an "open club" such as Devon Orienteering Club. Furthermore and in any case, if you are under 21, or a full-time student, you can join Devon OC without cost. 

This information is not clearly outlined by British Orienteering when you first join a closed club. However, all you need to do is provide your details (name, date of birth, email address and BOF number) to the club's membership secretary: You will then also become a member of Devon Orienteering Club and can enter competitions such as the Compass Sport Cup. 

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of becoming a member of Devon Orienteering Club
(excludes contact members):

  • Regular email via MailChimp covering forthcoming events and news
  • Opportunity to represent Devon Orienteering Club in regional and national competitions
  • SWOA newsletters (as published)
  • Opportunity to attend training sessions organised by the club
  • Free entry for Juniors to the Yvette Baker competition
  • Vote at the club AGM

And all members have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in Devon orienteering events and activities on a regular basis and
  • Influence the development of the club and the sport of orienteering in Devon.

Benefits of becoming a Member of British Orienteering:

Note all Devon OC members must become members of British Orienteering to ensure that they have insurance cover whilst competing or helping at an event.

  • You can access discounts from our partners as shown on the BOF website

  • You can sign up for a range of e-newsletters about various orienteering matters

  • You will be eligible to compete in a range of National competitions

  • You will be eligible to compete in the UK Orienteering League

  • You will be able to apply for awards under our Badge Scheme

  • Access to a ‘Navigational Challenge’ and ‘Racing Challenge’ Incentive Scheme

  • Public Liability Insurance when participating in events and activities registered with British Orienteering

  • Papers and vote at the British Orienteering AGM

  • Access to a "members only" section of the website

Benefits of becoming a Contact Member of Devon Orienteering Club:

  • Contact Members will be placed on Devon OC mailing lists and Mailchimp

All members need to join British Orienteering, the South West Orienteering Association (SWOA) and a club, e.g. Devon Orienteering Club.  Membership of SWOA is free and is automatic for all members of Devon Orienteering Club:

  Devon SWOA BOF Total
Senior £1 £0 £15 £16
Junior £0 £0 £5 £5
Contact Member* Free     Free

* Contact membership is only available to those who are already a member of a BOF-affiliated club.

New members joining after 1st November 2020 become members up to 31st December 2021.

How to Join (New Members)

To join Devon Orienteering Club either:

Follow this link British Orienteering Join (New Members)

and follow the instructions to join online

Download and print the BOF Membership Form 2019 fill it in and return (with a cheque payable to British Orienteering) to: British Orienteering, 8a Stancliffe House, Whitworth Road, Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 2HJ

For more help contact Dawn Williamson, the club's Membership Secretary: